Introducing Pricing Plans for New Manager Sign Ups

ididwork launched as a free service for employees and managers. ididwork will always be free for employees, and it will always be free for any manager that signed up before today. You’ve been a tremendous help in giving us suggestions while we’ve developed the product since launching - we’re very thankful for your feedback.

Starting today we’ll be implementing payment plans for new managers that sign up. The plans are based only on the number of employees that you manage. Each plan comes with every ididwork feature, and they each come with a 30-day free trial. The plans are monthly and start at $5/month for small teams. The full pricing chart is available here.

Always feel free to let us know if you find something lacking in the product. The product has evolved through many of the great suggestions that you’ve given us. We can be reached at feedback[at] and we personally respond to every email.

We also wanted to apologize for the recent lack of big updates. A particularly unfriendly strain of the flu got us and kept us immobile for some time. We’ve stocked up on Vitamin C though, and unless we somehow manage to catch another terrible cold, we won’t go this long without a big update again.

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