Give your teammates Kudos

We’ve released a new feature on the Feed tab that lets you tell your teammates that you appreciate their work. We feel that getting complimented at the office is very encouraging - it helps let you know that people noticed the positive impact of your work.

Next to each teammate’s entry you have the option to give kudos. Kudos are a quick way to thank a teammate, let them know their work helped you, or let them know they did a great job:

When you click a Kudos your teammate will be notified in their feed:

I feel good whenever I see that!

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this. Leave us a comment, or shoot us an email at feedback[at]

2 Responses to “Give your teammates Kudos”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    “Feedback loops” seem to be an important part in social software towards getting users to contribute content. Whether it’s a blog, Facebook photo uploads, Twitter, or work updates — I’m more likely to write something if I know someone is reading it and finding value.

    This looks like a great new feature to encourage users to continue contributing information about what they worked on.

  2. ncbutters Says:

    You guys are on to something with this. People like to be appreciated. Even a simple message saying “thanks for doing this” incentives people to continue to work harder and better. keep up the great work.

    “DO WORK!”

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