Updated Feed Tab

We’ve made some changes to the feed tab that many of you requested:

1. See your entries in the feed
Your entries now show up alongside your teammates’ entries. This makes it easier to track what’s being accomplished on the team and how your work fits in.

2. Filter the feed by user
Your teammates’ names are now links, and if you click one of them you’ll be able to see just that teammate’s work feed. This is helpful if you have a large team but want to quickly see what a few specific people have been working on.

3 Responses to “Updated Feed Tab”

  1. Artur Says:

    Well done, this is a good improvement!
    The only thing missing in the ‘feed’ tab for me is a display of the list of tags and ability to display tasks done by each of team on a particular project.
    For instance, I have tags: project A, project B, procject C… and by clicking it I can see all work done on this project by any employee. Ideally would like see the total time spent so far on the project (tag) too.
    I keep my fingers crossed!

  2. remanc Says:

    Hey Artur, great suggestions. We’re definitely planning (at some point) to allow filtering based on tags. We’ll need to think about a good way of implementing total project time. Thanks!

  3. Artur Says:

    cool, I’m looking forward to seeing it. We are a small team of 5 and use your software regularly. I will be happy to pay for it in the future (as long as it doesn’t cost a fortune ;)

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