Revamped: New “Get Weekly Report” (previously export)

We’ve just updated the export functionality to provide a much more powerful, flexible way to generate a pdf or excel download of your log entries. The link is now called “Get weekly report”, and it can be found in the submenu on the log page:

The emphasis has shifted from “export”, which implies a way to backup your data, to “Get weekly report”. Many of you have given us feedback letting us know you use export regularly to print out status reports of your weekly activites (to bring to weekly status meetings), so we wanted to make it as easy as possible. Clicking the link brings you to the report page:

Just click download and you’ll get a pdf of your previous week’s work. You can choose to export to either pdf or an excel spreadsheet, and you can customize the time range if you’d like to get a more comprehensive report.

The hidden power of this page is revealed when you click “Advanced Options”:

Here you can customize exactly what you want to show up in your generated report. As you can see, there are several ways to mix and mash the data:

  1. Sort entries by - sort by either date or tag
  2. Show an entry’s - here you can toggle whether to show an entry’s tags and time spent. When you choose “Time Spent”, you can further customize the time format. By choosing “1.5″, the time is shown as a the number of hours without formatting, which makes it easier to plug that data into a chart in excel
  3. Get all tags - the default is to export all work entries for all tags. If you’d like to choose the work entries associated from only some of your tags, you can click “No, only certain tags”. A list of your tags will pop up, and you can choose which ones you’d like to generate a report for

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments, or shoot us an email at feedback[at]

3 Responses to “Revamped: New “Get Weekly Report” (previously export)”

  1. Sean O'Rear Says:


    Halfway there for my needs, but I have a couple of feedback points to share. First, the specify tags feature works well, but only if you add no more than one tag per entry. If you add 2 or more tags per entry, the export feature lists the entry multiple times under each tag. Secondly, If you select to export only certain tags, and then select Excel format - it still exports all entries for all tags. Meaning that it lists every entry under every tag that is associated with it. My Excel export had 28 line items for only 11 entries. Thirdly, I was having trouble uploading the .csv export files to Google Docs before the change and no they work great (cheers). Fourth, the time format option is working very well and I like the fact that we have a choice as to the export format.

    Well - that’s all for now.

    Sean O’Rear

  2. Shawn Gupta Says:

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the feedback - we really appreciate it. Regarding your points…

    1. Are you sorting by tag? If so, and you have multiple tags for an entry, the entry will show up more than once. For example, if you have an entry tagged with “meeting” and “presentation” then the entry will show up under both tag groups.

    2. I think this problem is related to your first point. Let’s say you’re only exporting your entries tagged with “meeting” but one of those entries is tagged with “presentation” too. If you’re sorting by tag, then there will also be a presentation group. Thanks for bringing this to our attention - we’ll get that fixed.

    3 & 4. Great to hear!

    Thanks again for the helpful feedback.

    Shawn, cofounder

  3. Kilian Says:


    1. I like to watch the total time spent by day/week/mounth.


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