Updated UI and new analysis graphs

Updated UI

We’ve made a couple changes to the UI to make things a bit cleaner and easier to understand:

  1. The old ‘Comments’ tab is now called ‘Reviews’
    We thought that ‘Reviews’ described this tab better than ‘Comments’
  2. The ‘Analyze’ tab has been moved to a submenu on the log page
    We wanted to group all the ‘Log’ related functions onto one page, and give more exposure to export

And here’s the new look:

New Analysis Graphs

We’ve also made a big change to the kinds of analysis graphs that are now generated. There’s much more emphasis on tags, and you now have the ability to compare tags based on the amount of time you’ve spent.

Here’s an example graph that shows a tag breakdown based on the number of entries:

And here’s that same data using the “time spent” option:

By looking at both the number of entries and the time spent, you can get a clearer picture of where you’re doing work. For example, I can see here that I do a lot of UI tasks, but they take very little time.

We’ve also added a graph to the individual tag pages, which can be accessed by either clicking the name of the tag in your work list, or by clicking the tag bars on the Analyze page:

Here you can get a detailed look into how much time you’ve spent on a given tag, broken down by week.

Let us know what you think! Feel free to leave a comment, or email us at the usual feedback[at]ididwork.com.

5 Responses to “Updated UI and new analysis graphs”

  1. grace Says:

    that’s really cool! are you guys going to bring back the pie charts in the mix? it would also be nice if we can select specific tags to graph/chart too–like if you only wanted to compare feature, server & bug. i don’t know if that’s too important for most people, but it can give someone a quick visual comparison of just a couple of tags.

  2. remanc Says:

    Hey grace - that’s something we’ve been debating about. The problem with the pie charts was that once you started using multiple tags per entry, the pie chart loses its value (since 1 entry would be counted in two buckets, so adding up to 100% doesn’t make sense anymore). We figured that you get basically the same information with the bar charts - the only difference is that one is in percentage units vs. actual values.

    Regarding tag selection - yep, we’re definitely thinking about it. We wanted to first release a simpler version without selection, and gauge what the demand for it was. Thanks!

  3. grace Says:

    i see what you mean about the pie charts…maybe in the future when you guys implement the tag selection, you can also give us a choice to use the pie chart along with the bar charts.

    thanks for being so responsive to our comments/concerns! that’s great.


  4. Johan Says:

    Ah, we don’t use tags and now the charts don’t work for me anymore. For me these charts gave me a quick overview of how many work items were completed daily (starred and non-starred). Any way you can still make these charts available for those who don’t care about tags?

  5. remanc Says:

    Hey Johan - yeah, that’s something we’ve been struggling with. We’ve been getting a lot of requests to enable that feature again, so we’re definitely planning on doing it. We’re a bit busy with some other stuff - we’ll hopefully get it back up in the next couple of weeks? Sorry for the inconvenience.

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