New Feature: To-do List

We’ve just added the ability to create a to-do list, if you’d like to plan your tasks ahead of time. To start entering to-do items, simply use the special tag “todo”:

We’ve added a new To-Do link in the Recent work bar, which you can click to see your todo items:

When you’ve finished the to-do item, click the green “Done!” button to have it transfer to your normal work log.

For those of you who keep tabs on the amount of time spent on your tasks, we’ve also added a shortcut (you’re prompted the first time you finish a to-do item, or you can enable it on the Display page in Settings) to allow quick entry after completing a todo item:

As always, feel free to leave feedback/suggestions/questions in the comments, or shoot us an email at feedback[at]

4 Responses to “New Feature: To-do List”

  1. DominoMaximo Says:

    Will the to do list be added to the report that is sent out?

  2. Gil Says:

    Exactly what I needed. You rock!

  3. Tyfus Says:

    feature requaest: adding a team tasks by manager and then workers realize them checking DONE :)

  4. remanc Says:

    @DominoMaximo Nope, todo lists are completely private until you click done.

    @Tyfus Yep, that’s on our ididwork todo list - we’ve gotten a lot of requests for managers having the ability to assign items to their employees.

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