We’ve launched!

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  1. Alpesh Mansata Says:

    your site looks great, exactly what i was looking for since last few days.

    Thanks a ton for an awesome product.


  2. coke Says:

    That’s great!!

    I have a problem deciding if I was a employee or a manager… I think you should have only one type of account that permits you manage teams and record what you do (and report to others too)…

    Maybe a hierarchical structure would be grat to manage bigger teams.

    I like the simplicity of the concept too… so maybe that would only make it dirtier…

    good luck..

    PS: Breathtaking firs blog post you did! hehe

  3. Chris Chan Says:

    will you consider provide XMPP support , so that user can update their status just on their gtalk ?

  4. matt Says:

    great work. the UI is refreshing and the value offering seriously high to a group looking to implement this rg-wide. honestly. bravo.

  5. Dan Says:

    Nice web app and great analysis tools, though I wonder if people would get too centered on the numbers and miss out on the larger projects which quantitatvely might be insignificant but could yield the most benefit as opposed to the linear progression by # of tasks

  6. FN Says:

    Interesting. Bug= when editing something I did after having already submitted it, tags are not recognized in the edits (they just show up as text in brackets).

  7. Philip Says:

    Good stuff. Very simple and easy to use. One thing though is, how do you show the pie chart? What if one task has more than 1 tag?

  8. Tyler Says:


  9. Rolando Garza Says:

    Congratulations! The site is really easy to use. It seems like the perfect tool to look back when updating a CV and pick the highlights of the accomplishments achieved.

  10. remanc Says:

    @coke: definitely, we’ll be working on that asap (one account where you can have both roles) - we’ll do our best to make it simple

    @chris yep, we’re discussing now how we’ll go about adding it other types of input (email, im, etc)

    @fn: yeah, it’s a little inconsistent there - we have a separate entry box for tags underneath editing the names. we’ll be fixing that soon.

    @philip: currently the pie chart does double dipping, so the true task count != the value shown as the total pie chart task count. we didn’t think it was too big of a deal since it’s more of a big picture thing

  11. josh Says:

    Great job! I look forward to more including some consolidation of employee and manager roles. Like Dan says, its a bit difficult to judge performance based solely on number of tasks. I find myself wondering what sort of entries to put and what is considered significant.

    Keep it up!

  12. Philip Says:

    remanc, that’s good to know. just a thought - probably it would be better if you could introduce some sort of group tags (similar to del.icio.us’s feature) and make the pie chart or any chart for that matter be based on the group name.

    Another question as I’m from a different timezone, is there any option or plans to include timezone per user profile and how would that work for a scenario where the manager and his subordinate are working in 2 vast geographical locations with varying time zones.

    And, probably its a good idea to have “analyze” link right on top with ‘Log’, ‘feed’ and ‘comments’.


  13. Halesy Says:

    Looks useful, although a bit buggy at the moment. My name seems to have changed to that of a colleague I added as a feed…

    What might also be good is somway of adding hours to the log, maybe in 30min segments. This way I could easily track how much time I spend doing the stuff I log.

  14. remanc Says:

    @Halesy Hmmm, so it’s a little unintuitive, but when you first go to the feeds page, you need to enter your name, and then your coworker’s email. That’s because at this point, we haven’t asked for your name yet, and we’ll need it to show in their feed. we need to make that clearer (sorry, we haven’t created the settings page to change your name, top priority on our end).

    Regarding logging hours, we’re planning on doing that very soon.

  15. Henri Bergius Says:

    Here’s a quick review of the ididwork service:


  16. Halesy Says:

    Thanks for (very) speedy reply, looking forward to seeing the hours being added. Anything I can do to help track down what went wrong?

  17. Boner Boy Says:

    Try fixing your “about” and “privacy” links before you launch… clicking on them while on the login page takes you to NOTHING

  18. Hans Says:

    What about managers of managers and how do you record work if you are a manager?

  19. Harris Says:

    Need to expand the feedback tab to include feedback beyond bugs or features. Should be for any project. I’m using for general project management that has nothing to do with s/w development

  20. Alan Says:

    Looks great — We will take it for a test drive.

    After reading the comments, I hope it is clear enough of what to do next. ie, do I have to pick a manager now, before I register? Will I know how to fill out the reg fields?

    What happens if we start really using it? Even if you don’t know right now what your pricing is, I try to first determine any sites’ or software’s’ revenue model— ads, subscriptions, sales, service, freeware, etc. whatever.

    Also, it’s always good to know who this is, and who is behind it? Remember, most all of us have been down the yellow brick road before…. only to find that the wizard…..

  21. Ade Says:

    Just the site i need to manage my resources remotely. I sure am loving it…

  22. JK Says:

    Interesting product. Wish you good luck!

  23. Todd Says:

    I’m looking for the hours as well.

  24. sprintexec Says:

    Strikes me this is a great tool, thanks techcrunch for the tip! Just experimenting as a single user at the mo but would love to get the team using this at work! AJ

  25. Danny Says:

    Instead of “starred” and “unstarred”, how about “exceptional” and “unexceptional” or “significant” and “insignificant” or better yet, let the user/manager label and define them.

    Where’s the pie chart? I only see a bar chart.

  26. Jason Says:

    At first I was a bit confused on the team member/management roles and sent in my managers email as a team member. I canceled that request. Now it says that I can’t add a team member as a manager when I try to add him as my manager, even though I canceled the team member request. He and I manually setup a new account for him (Team account) but every time he logs in he gets an error.

    What’s going on with this?

    I like this page a lot so far, and it will help my manager and I keep track of what I do throughout the day much easier than through emails. I hate to see it messed up by something seemingly simple like this.

  27. remanc Says:

    @BB duly noted, we forgot to take them off before launch (didn’t get a chance to create them yet. Just an FYI, we think it’s very important to put those up (this is sensitive data after all, and we want you to know that we’re not going to do anything bad with it, which we’re not)) - we’ve been very busy just cranking out the feature set.

    @Henri - thanks for the writeup! We’re very early stage at the moment, but rest assured we’ll be adding those features just as fast as we can produce them. Regarding your bullet items - We’ll allow users to be both managers & employees (ie managers can log entries as well) - soon. API/RSS/XMPP definitely on the feature list.

    @Halesy thanks, I think I know where the issue is. I’ve got a couple things in the queue I’m working on, but look for the fix soon. Sorry in advance for the delay, but it should be out in the next week or so

    @Hans - managers will be able to add entries, it’s definitely one of our highest priorities at the moment and should be out soon

    @Harris - Sorry if this was unclear. The feedback page I think you’re talking about is feedback for ididwork - so you’d give us feedback on any bugs or features you’d like to have in the software.

    @Alan - I’ve noted this above, but it’s a quirk of the system right now that you can’t be both. We’ll fix this such that it’s not an irreparable mistake, and it’ll actually be more like if you’re a manager you just get the expanded functionality (just another tab really). Regarding really using it - we’re planning at some point in the distant future (when we’ve got a really kickass product that’ll have the features worth paying for) charging companies that want to use it. That being said, we’ll never charge individuals, and all companies/managers that sign up now will be given free accounts for life. We’d actually love to hear feedback from managers using the system (it’s a bit barebones at the moment so we’d love to see what managers would want) - so we think it’s a good tradeoff that our early users get free accounts forever. Hope that answers your questions. Oh yeah, and about page is something we need to put up for sure.

    @Danny - pie chart is in the analytics section - it’s a link called tags.

    @Jason - yep, same issue. We need to resolve this issue with cross accounts, and we’re working on that right now.

  28. JK Says:

    Currently the application considers only a US timezone. Calendar days are based on that. I’m from different timezone and hence my log for a single day appears in two calendar days. Can you support a setting for timezone?

  29. Tuan Says:

    very useful and simple to use. Will use if there is a time spent on each task so that the “manager” can capture the time via the built-in export tool… (comments from others also indicated this). Off-line sync in case where there is no internet connection will sure it the app to another level…..

  30. remanc Says:

    @JK Sorry about that. The reason for this right now is that we send out reports at a given time, and having to factor in the different time zones to make sure everything is sent out at the correct time is a little tricky. Once we figure out a solid way of doing this, we’ll add it.

    @Tuan I think you’re asking for having the time spent in a column in the export file? I forgot to add that in yesterday; it’ll be up the next time the server updates (later tonight)

  31. Flo Says:

    Nice site. But germen special charakters like Ä, Ü, Ö … aren’t displayed correctly in your tasks. You have to type in Ä to get an Ä. That’s not very comfortable.

  32. Flo Says:

    … you have to type in & A u m l ; …

  33. remanc Says:

    @Flo sorry about that; we’ve got quite a bit of work to do to get localization/i18n; it’s in the roadmap but right now we’re focusing on hammering out the core features

  34. BA Says:

    do you have a pie that shows the work i did by the hours i spent on it as well?
    if i spent 1 hour on 2 “works” and tagged it as X and on the other hand i spent 4 hour on 8 “works” and tagged it as Y the pie will show that i spent more effort on Y (the slice will look bigger) while in fact they have the same ratio.

  35. BA Says:

    its funny that your dictionary does not recognize your site name (ididwork)


  36. remanc Says:

    @BA We’re working on it (the pie with time spent). We just added the time spent feature, so we’re discussing now the best way to present that new data (pie chart, bar chart, etc). Oh, and about the dictionary - could be your browser spell check?

  37. Dik Says:

    Thanks. Beautiful site. I’ll become your regular reader and subscribe on RSS.

  38. grobanderson Says:

    How to set timezone in your web apps ‘coz when i do a log, the date and time of log is in one timezone only, how about in different timezone say in Asia-Pacific.

  39. remanc Says:

    @grobanderson - sorry about that. It’s definitely something we plan to do in the future, but right now we’re focusing on building out some more core features before setting up support for international users.

  40. michele Says:

    This is a cool idea. I think it would also be very useful for student/teacher tracking as well as individual/manager tracking. :)
    Just curious as how revenue generation is planned for this application?

  41. remanc Says:


    Thanks - it’s definitely something we might look into in the future if there’s enough demand. We’ve still got quite a bit of work to do on companies though.

    Regarding revenue - we’re planning on charging for the team account in the future. Don’t worry though, all existing accounts will be grandfathered in and will never be charged.

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