New way of entering tags + tooltips

We’ve made a pretty significant change to the way tags are entered to make tags more accessible and consistent across the app. Don’t worry though if you’re a fan of the brackets - we’ve made it backwards compatible so you can still enter tags and time spent using the old method.

To enter tags, click the “add tags,time spent” link on the bottom of the enter work form:

This link will then be replaced with the tag/time spent entry form:

Just enter the tags or time spent into the box (or click on existing tags that populate on the bottom of the form), and click submit to add that work item.

Our goal is to make it as easy and fast as possible to enter new items. We’ve enabled keyboard shortcuts so you can enter in your work item, hit tab, enter in your tags, then hit enter to submit so you never have to use the mouse.

One other note - we’ve also created tooltips that will give examples and help documentation for features that need a little more explaining. These can be accessed by clicking the question mark links. We’ve only put them in the new tag entry form for now, but feel free to shoot us an email at feedback[at] or leave a comment below if you feel that there’s anything else on the site that needs better documentation.

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