Editing the date on entries

You can now edit the date on your entries. This is great if you’ve missed a day and want to backdate an entry to that particular day.

To edit the date, click on the “edit” link on any of the log or analyze work lists. You’ll be taken to an edit dialogue, where you can modify the date, entry name, and tags. Click on the calendar and choose the new date, and click update.

6 Responses to “Editing the date on entries”

  1. Lars Says:

    Yay. Thanks for the useful Feature.

  2. Olin Says:

    Perfect! Just what I needed and a big help, thank you!

  3. DominoMaximo Says:

    Great job guys! This is great for somebody like me who typically forgets to enter work being done and to busy doing actual work.

  4. Louie Says:

    Awesome. I can use this again. Thanks!

  5. mark Says:

    this email link I just got sent to confirm a teammate is 404ing.

    just letting you know about it :)

  6. remanc Says:

    @mark hey mark, thanks for the heads up; We’ll post the fix on the next server update (tonight or tomorrow night)

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