Big team account update - now you can add tasks

We released the team portion of ididwork in a somewhat broken fashion - as a team leader (ie, manager), you couldn’t add your own tasks. There was no real good reason to do it this way (and dozens of emails letting us know why we shouldn’t do it this way), so we’ve fixed it.

Managers now have a very simliar looking view to the individual account. You’ve got a log tab (where you can enter in your own work and analyze it), and a feed tab (where you can see updates from your team).

The difference now is that a team account has an “Employees” tab that replaces the “Comments” tab found in the individual account. Here, a team lead can give feedback to their team, and look at the history of feedback given to their team members.

This is just the beginning. We’d love to get more feedback from managers on just exactly what they’d like to see in their team account. Please email us at the usual feedback[at], or leave some suggestions in the comments.

3 Responses to “Big team account update - now you can add tasks”

  1. Ken Moir Says:

    What a cool tool this is! Concept, design, execution — well done, all around. I look forward to this site becoming the LinkedIn of 2009!

    Quick question: have you considered finding a way to mesh this program with payroll timekeeping programs, like AdVantage? If you could find a way to sync up, you’d have the Holy Grail in the ad/mktg industry: a combination of performance management documentation and client-billable timekeeping….

    Keep up the great work!

  2. remanc Says:

    @Ken Thanks! Yep, we’re definitely looking into integrating with other software. It’s probably more of a long term thing at the moment - right now we’re focusing on fleshing out a really awesome product.

  3. wenbert Says:


    thanks for this - responded to feedback very quickly!
    what a great app!


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