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Editing the date on entries

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

You can now edit the date on your entries. This is great if you’ve missed a day and want to backdate an entry to that particular day.

To edit the date, click on the “edit” link on any of the log or analyze work lists. You’ll be taken to an edit dialogue, where you can modify the date, entry name, and tags. Click on the calendar and choose the new date, and click update.

New Analyze Tab & Privacy Policy

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

We’ve switched around the UI a bit to make things a little clearer.

First, we’ve moved the functionality from the “click to analyze” link that used to be on the bottom of the log page to the new “Analyze” tab. We thought that one of the coolest things about ididwork is the analysis that you can do on your work, so it deserved a little more attention. Plus, it’ll give us some more leg room when we get to adding the new chart types for time spent, etc.

The second thing is that we’ve replaced that “click to analyze” link with “older entries”. This does what you’d think it might - it takes you to a feed of your older items. We’ve broken it up by day for easier consumption.

We’ve also (finally) added our Privacy Policy. There’s a link to it on the bottom of all the pages.

Everything’s up and running again

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Sorry about the downtime just now. We had to take the system down for about 2 hours today as we fixed a bug that prevented some users from logging in. We normally push updates in the wee hours of the night, but this seemed to warrant immediate action.

If you’re still experiencing login problems, please shoot me an email at remanc[at] or send me a twitter (remanc), and we’ll get that resolved as fast as possible.

Big team account update - now you can add tasks

Monday, August 11th, 2008

We released the team portion of ididwork in a somewhat broken fashion - as a team leader (ie, manager), you couldn’t add your own tasks. There was no real good reason to do it this way (and dozens of emails letting us know why we shouldn’t do it this way), so we’ve fixed it.

Managers now have a very simliar looking view to the individual account. You’ve got a log tab (where you can enter in your own work and analyze it), and a feed tab (where you can see updates from your team).

The difference now is that a team account has an “Employees” tab that replaces the “Comments” tab found in the individual account. Here, a team lead can give feedback to their team, and look at the history of feedback given to their team members.

This is just the beginning. We’d love to get more feedback from managers on just exactly what they’d like to see in their team account. Please email us at the usual feedback[at], or leave some suggestions in the comments.

Necessary stuff: Update name, remove account, and export time spent

Friday, August 8th, 2008

We just pushed a quick release for some small things that were (admittedly) annoying.

  1. Update your name - now you can do it - just go to
  2. Remove account - this one’s pretty important for all of you who accidentally signed up for the wrong account (team instead of individual, or vice versa). This is a quick workaround while we make those two accounts merge better (should be coming out within a couple days, ie the ability to add entries as a manager)
  3. Export time spent - Now that you have the ability to add time spent (see previous post), you want to be able to have it show up in your export. Does it now.
  4. Enter to save entry - Click “Add” or hit enter to submit a task

New Feature: Add time spent doing a task

Friday, August 8th, 2008

We’ve been getting quite a few emails requesting the ability to add the amount of time spent doing a task. It’s now possible, using an easy shorthand notation when entering what you did.

It’s best illustrated through an example:

I just finished up this feature, and it took me 3 and a half hours. What I entered into ididwork was:

[feature 3:30] Just finished up the enter task time spent feature!

Let’s break the tricky part out, basically everything in the brackets:


This is the name of my tag. I’ve got a tag for features, bugs, server, and a bunch more. I’m a big tag person because I like putting my work into buckets and seeing the pie chart, but it’s totally optional.


The basic format here is h:m. The number of hours you spent goes to the left of the colon, and the number of minutes go to the right. If something took just 5 minutes, you can do “:5m”. If it took two hours (with no minutes), you can do “2:” or “2:00″, whichever you prefer.

We’re now working on how we’d like to present this new bit of data, and need your feedback on that. Do you want to be able to sort/filter by the amount of time taken? What kind of new graph(s) would you like to see using the time taken? Let us know in the comments or by shooting us an email at feedback[at] Thanks!

New feature: time spent

New feature: time spent

We’ve launched!

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008